Hello! I'M jake greider


I am an independent song person out of Tempe, Arizona. I make original music which I perform solo, and with my band Some Magical Animal; I play covers and originals in lounges, bars, restaurants, weddings, and private parties in the Phoenix area; I make a pretty good curry.

If you're here about booking me for a 2-4 hour solo bar/lounge type gig or private event, I typically cover songs from Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, White Stripes, Jimi Hendrix, Wilco, Spoon, Beatles, Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Radiohead... that kind of stuff. I'll throw some newer pop tunes into the set if the occasion calls for it, and I will learn a few songs if you need something specific. Hit me up for a song list.

For booking, check out the contact page, or just email me at Jakegreider@gmail.com and/or call (602) 733-9121.

My band is also available for booking at the same number.

Below: Pictures of Me Doing Things!



If this section is blank it is because I have forgotten to update it... and yes, I am ashamed. Check my Facebook page for weekly gig updates, as sometimes I get booked day of. 


Shot this video with Freddie Paul on top of Papago. A string breaks about halfway through. My Youtube presence is sparse, but fierce. Peep the linkage, Tube people.



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Some Magical Animal - Album Cover - Copy - small.jpg


by Some Magical Animal

Above is an original song that I did with my band. You can listen to the entire album at Somemagicalanimal.com.

If you would like a general idea of what I sound like when I am solo, you can check out these slightly out of date recordings on soundcloud. (Click)

(I will record a new solo demo soon!)


Wedding Contact Form!

Feel free to fill out this form, or just call me directly at 602-733-9121, or email at jakegreider@gmail.com. This form is super official, as am I. I swear, I have done this before, and can provide references!

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Please include details about what you're specifically looking for. (Also, you can just call me if you don't want to fill out this dumb form. 602-733-9121. Leave a message if I don't answer and I'll call you back, likely same day.)
Prelude Music?
Acoustic music while guests arrive. Typically 30 min.
Ceremony Music?
Instrumental, vocals, or both.
Cocktail Hour?
Typically an hour, message for a song list.
First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance?
I can play any, all, or none. Cost of learning songs included!